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New Game in Development: Gunnier Zed, a Shmup game

Welcome to my game development blog, Dwayne Dev!

I'm starting a website to distribute my current game projects. I'll also write articles analyzing games or expressing my thoughts and opinions on game related topics and issues.

Currently I'm developing a game called, "Gunnier Zed". Test it here in the browser!
Play in "full screen" or "Mobile Freindly" mode here: Full Screen Mode

I call it Gunnier Zed because the name sounds kind of alien while communicating that the game is about shooting things because it sounds like "gunner".

The "Zed" part refers to the direction the player travels in the game. Although the game is 2d with only an x axis and y axis, in 3d games the z axis or "Zed" axis can propel a player forward depending on the orientation of the game.

 So the title is about the player traveling forward and progressing passed challenges.

I sort of made that description above about the name up as I wrote about…