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Game Update: Hex Before Christmas

Update Released for my game:
"Hex Before Christmas", new playable characters, Music, story cutscenes, new boss battle, UI and gameplay polish!
get the game on my itch io:

New Shmup Game Released: Hex Before Christmas

I made a shmup game called "Hex Before Christmas", for the Butterscotch Shenanijam,

Check it out!
Rate and comment if you like it or have some kind of feed back, thanks in advance if you do.

The game includes: Unlockable Features, Tougher bosses, Sleeker gameplay!
Get the game from

I made the game in Love 2d. This is sort of a port of that previous game I posted here, "Gunnier Zed".

There's was a whole lot more freedom moving the game's framework from Pico8 to love 2D, felt like a breath of fresh air.

Pretty much built the game from scratch with some hints on how to structure the gameplay loop from Gunnier zed.

Inspiration was took from Touhou and Blue Revolver while coming up with the premise for the game.