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Game Project Update: Gunnier Zed part 0

Hello World!

I've ported the general shmup structure of Gunnier Zed from "Pico 8" to
a game framework called "Love 2D".

My previous game project, "Hex Before Christmas" was a transitionary project to help demonstrate the new polish and features I could make to Gunnier Zed once I ported it to an environment without an arbitrary code limit.

Pico 8 limits the size of the game by limiting the amount of significant commands and allocated data defined in the game code.

That's not to say the whole project couldn't be done in Pico 8 but I can worry less about shrinking the size of the code and assets in favor of just making a better "Gunnier Zed" without the self imposed limitations of Pico 8.

Pico 8's good for quick prototypes since you have easy access to art, sound fx, music, level editing...
I'll make a different article about Pico 8 eventually...


I've made each of these game projects in the time span of a week-end, roughly no more than 4 days per game project.

With the full release of Gunner Zed  I want to see the amount of polish I can put on the game.

There are a couple sections of the game development I wan to improve in:
 (the list below is not ordered in any particular way)
  1. The Design and Planning
  2. The Marketing / Letting people know your working on a game project
  3. The presentation of the game / project (In game menus/UI/Game Art)
  4. The Game Feedback (SFX, music, visual effects from player actions)
  5. Discovering the "Meat" of the game (knowing what the actual fun or game is about and how to cut that content up to make the games total play time.
I want to work on each of the listed elements in Gunnier Zed .

So!  to work on #2 of the above list I'm going to document the development of Gunnier Zed  with more depth.

That means I'm going to make a series of posts about Gunnier Zed on this blog and on my social medias:
My Twitter
Play other games I've made on


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